Unregister Plugin from vCenter

Sometimes the uninstallation of a plugin in vCenter will not remove it from the list of available plugins. Once you’ve confirmed the plugin can be removed, follow these steps to unregister it and remove it from the list.

1. Currently, the Virtual Storage Console for NetApp has been uninstalled, but it is still showing up as an available Plugin
2. Open a web browser and navigate to https://vCenterAddress/mob

a. Ignore any security warnings

3. Login with your normal vCenter credentials
4. After login, click on the “content” link under Properties
5. Click on the link for “ExtensionManager”
6. You’ll have a list of extensions to choose from under “extensionList” and “VALUE”

a. Click the link of the extension to be unregistered
i. If the name isn’t obvious, click each one until you see the correct one

7. Once you’ve clicked on the correct plugin, you’ll want to copy the Value (without the quotes) in the row labeled “key”
8. Press the Back button in your browser and then click on “UnregisterExtension” under the Methods table
9. Paste the string copied from step 6 into the “VALUE” text box and click “Invoke Method” at the bottom
10. Restart the vsphere client and click on “Plug-ins” then “Manage Plug-ins” and the plugin should be gone
11. Now we see that the Plugin has been removed